Complete DesignBased on our experience and utilizing the equipment, technology and components available from Aquacare and its associates, Aquacare is able to offer complete, modular, prefabricated fish farms that are manufactured in the United States and can be economically shipped to any location in the world to be assembled by local labor under the supervision of Aquacare construction specialists. These farms are adaptable to a wide range of sites, species and water resources and enable the client to install a cost-competitive fish farm that is profitable, functional, reliable, and environmentally sustainable. The entire design, assembly, shipment and installation and start-up can be managed under the quality control of Aquacare.

• Preliminary Design

• Final Design

• Construction Drawings

• Bill of Materials

• Selection of Local Contractors

• Shipment of Materials

• Site Preparation

• Installation

• Commissioning

• Long Term Technological & Biological Support

Complete DesignAquacare associates are available to provide professional consulting services for a wide range of species and sites. Services range from preliminary site assessment, through system design, delivery, installation supervision start-up and long term technical support. Other services include feasibility studies, complete commercial and technical analysis and business planning of prospective aquaculture enterprises, and evaluation of existing facilities.

Our specialization is in controlled environment aquaculture, and with this focus we can help existing farms improve their environmental control and quality, both to improve health, productivity and profitability and to mitigate any negative impacts on the surrounding environment. Services are available world-wide.

Aquacare offers complete construction management solutions for aquaculture projects designed to meet the customer’s needs. Aquacare can deliver complete project management and supervision or limited help with management and coordination of the building operations. Our associates will ensure a high quality, expeditious and cost effective project.