2020 RAS Virtual Summit
We are a proud sponsor of the 2020 RAS Virtual Summit taking place on September 16, 2020 @ 11:00am ET.
The 2020 RAS Virtual Summit is a virtual conference for recirculating aquaculture professionals! Don’t miss this interactive online opportunity to engage with thought leaders and experts in RAS from across the globe.
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Aquacare Environment Inc. supplies controlled environment aquaculture technology to the aquaculture industry. Our team specializes in intensive land-based controlled environment aquaculture systems. Aquacare can develop, design and supply complete fish farms for clients worldwide, and can supply cost effective prefabricated system components to existing farms.
The technology to grow fish, shellfish and aquatic plants in environmentally sustainable farms is now commercially viable. Whether you are planning a new facility, or upgrading an existing one, let Aquacare Environment Inc help you create a controlled environment aquafarm.

Intensive aquaculture as developed by Aquacare offers an ideal form of aquaculture for coastal areas. Inland areas with access to good water resources also offer aquaculture business opportunities. A safe, environmentally friendly and profitable fish farm offers substantial economic benefits to the community, and excellent earning potential to its owners. Reduced operating costs, lower risk, improved fish health, growth and feed conversion are important features of commercial-scale controlled environment intensive fish farms.