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Aquacare Automatic Self-cleaning Microscreen Filters

Aquacare specifies Microscreen Filters as a highly efficient solids removal filter for aquaculture applications. It is effective for fine and soft solids removal.

The filter provides high capacity single stage filtration to gently separate soft solids with minimal head loss. The grid supported micro screen removes larger and fine particles. Screen sizes are available with openings as small as 15 microns. Most aquaculture operations use a screen opening of 40-100 microns. This makes the filter ideal for recirculation facilities where solids removal is essential for efficient performance of the bio-filtration system.

Aquacare Aquaculture Microscreens
Aquacare Aquaculture Microscreens

The filter is continuously self-cleaning using cold water, with available periodic programmable hot water rinses to remove biological fouling that can eventually clog the screens. The filter operates with a low energy consumption. The Drum Microscreen Filter features a stainless steel microscreen for strength and durability.

The drum is turned by a fractional HP motor coupled to a heavy-duty permanently lubricated gear box. The strong motor and extra strength gearbox add to the filter’s service life significantly. Electronic variable speed controllers are standard. Solids dewatering is available as an option.

Water flows through the lower part of the filter and through the moving filter drum. Solids in the water collect on the drum and are carried into the path of the screen wash spray, which blows the solids into the solids collection channel. The filter should be gravity fed to avoid particle size reduction by a pump impeller.

The filters are available in many configurations including drop in channel mount units. All wetted parts used in manufacturing the filter are made of non-corrosive materials.

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