Fish Farming Pumps



Aquacare designs and supplies reliable energy-efficient site and purpose specific pumping systems. These range from energy effiecient end suction centrifugal to vertical shaft turbines to advanced airlift pumps.

Moving water is the heart of an intensive aquaculture system. In Aquacare designs the focus is on low head systems where the water is pumped only once, after solids removal and biofiltration just before oxygen enrichment through the Oxyflow® and back to the fish tanks with sufficient head to create a healthy current in the rearing tank. Aquacare supplies many types of pumps and are very careful to select durable and highly efficient models.

Close-coupled end-suction centrifugal pumps:

Rugged cast iron or stainless steel construction for long dependable service life.

Compact close-coupled configuration.

Back pull-out design for easier servicing.

Tangential discharge can be rotated to suit installation.

High operating efficiency results in lower power consumption and smooth operation.

Industry standard motors and mechanical seals provide maximum product versatility.

Close-coupled end-suction centrifugal pumps

Vertical Shaft Propeller Pump:

High flow

Medium lift

Energy efficient 

high efficiency pumps

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