Fish Hatcheries




Aquacare Environment Inc specializes in both marine and freshwater hatchery design. We have extensive in-house experience with design and operation of hatcheries for a range of cold water and warm water species.


We supply all the equipment required to make your hatchery work efficiently including;

  • Broodstock tanks; epoxy or glass coated steel, FRP or PPE, including egg collection systems and photoperiod control
  • Larval tanks; FRP or PPE (including self-cleaning models)
  • Rotifer and artemia production systems
  • Algae production systems.
  • Filtration for incoming water supplies
  • Complete RAS and partial RAS designs for marine and freshwater to enable fine control of water quality and water chemistry critical to the successful rearing of early life stages.
  • Temperature control systems and heat recovery
  • Automated feeding systems (liquid feeds and dry feeds)
  • LED lighting
  • Egg disinfection systems
  • Dosing systems
  • Monitoring, controls and SCADA

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