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Aquacare’s radial flow separator is very effective in removing settleable solids such- as sand and grit- from farm supply flows.

Aquacare radial flow separator is a device for particle removal from fish farm effluent flows. The radial flow separator is also very effective in removing settleable solids such as sand and grit from farm supply flows. This simple, proven device is in use on fish farms in the United States, Canada and Norway.

The effluent enters at an angle into the upper chamber. Clean water leaves the unit through the overflow weir. The removal of particles is accomplished by the formation of laminar flow within a stilling well. Particles with a sinking speed of 8 cm/min or greater will be separated or removed at 90% efficiency. The concentrated solids are flushed through a smaller pipe at the bottom of the cone section.

The radial flow separator requires significantly less space than conventional settling basins and provides the operator with a manageable concentrate that can easily be piped away for further processing or disposal. Using the radial flow separator as a pre-filter in conjunction with a microscreen filter increases the efficiency of the microscreen filter to 97% removal of suspendable solids.

The radial flow separator is manufactured in the US using stainless steel welded construction. Five pre-fabricated models are currently available. Larger custom sizes can be built on site.

Effluent Radial Flow Aquaculture
Aquaculture Radial Flow Separator
Radial Flow Separator Aquacare

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