Aquacare was established in 1987 dedicated to developing and marketing cost-effective equipment and systems for modern, intensive land-based fish farming. These systems are based on proven, conservative biological practices, and the integration of specialized equipment components into a fish farm that provides an optimum environment for fish health and growth. Click here to view our PROJECT GALLERY for some past and present projects.
Henning Gatz, President | Aquacare Team
Henning Gatz
David Volkenand, Controls | Aquacare Team
David Volkenand
Mike Watson, Construction Manager | Aquacare Team
Mike Watson
Construction Manager
Dave Maciolek, Engineer | Aquacare Team
Dave Maciolek
Jordan Volkenand, Software Developer | Aquacare Team
Jordan Volkenand
Software Developer
John L Holder, Biologist & System Designer | Aquacare Team
John L Holder
Biologist & System Designer
John P Holder, CADD Designer | Aquacare Team
John P Holder
CADD Designer
Terri Watson, Accountant | Aquacare Team
Terri Watson
Noah Hanks, Project Manager | Aquacare Team
Noah Hanks
Project Manager